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Use our inspirational tools and be sure to review this flooring page where you'll find floors that fit your decor and lifestyle.

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  1. Fortunato
    Rs.1,100 Special Price Rs.799 27% Off
  2. Sandalia Rojo Doormat
    Sandalia Rojo Doormat
    Rs.1,100 Special Price Rs.799 27% Off
  3. Welcome Doormat
    Welcome Doormat
    Rs.1,100 Special Price Rs.799 27% Off
  4. Welcome Large Doormat
    Welcome Large Doormat
    Rs.1,429 Special Price Rs.999 30% Off
  5. Scroll Doormat
    Scroll Doormat
    Rs.1,100 Special Price Rs.799 27% Off
  6. Arbol Doormat
    Arbol Doormat
  7. Shifuku Doormat
    Shifuku Doormat
    Rs.1,100 Special Price Rs.799 27% Off
  8. Urfa Doormat
    Urfa Doormat
    Rs.1,100 Special Price Rs.799 27% Off
  9. Chanclas Doormat
    Chanclas Doormat
    Rs.1,100 Special Price Rs.799 27% Off
  10. Lazuli Doormat
    Lazuli Doormat
    Rs.1,100 Special Price Rs.799 27% Off
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Buy Flooring Online at Best Price in India

It is said that your floor grabs your negative vibes and infuse positive vibes in your body so that you live a healthy and peaceful life. This is why our elderly always insist us to walk bare feet on the grass to absorb the soft, supple and calmness of grass early in the morning.

That being said, you should pay attention while selecting the flooring for your home. We believe you should select a different flooring for different spaces of your abode. For instance, you can have a unique flooring for living room, kitchen, bedroom and so on. If you are stressed on where to find the right kind of flooring for home, we are your one stop destination for the same. 

Wide Range of Flooring Online Shopping

We have all the colourful, vibrant and peaceful varieties of flooring for your abode. Indulge in the sophisticated, formal yet stylish variety of flooring online and enjoy hassle free shipping to your doorstep. With us, you can now buy flooring online in India at best prices.

Money cannot buy anything in the world and keeping this thought in mind, we have made sure that the prices of all the items such as quilts, cushions covers, floorings, curtains are kept as minimum as possible. We want your beautiful homes to look more beautiful with our range of home linen, upholstery and flooring.

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We urge you to come to us and have a great experience of shopping the best flooring online in India. We have brought all the finest variety of home décor to adorn your interiors with charm and glory. We aim at adding a different class to your home décor without you need to pay anything extra for it.

We will provide free home delivery to most of the major cities in the country. Come to us and let us have the privilege to serve you. Visit us online and shop from a range of Home decor, Spa & Candles, home linen, furniture, lightings, spa, dining & gifting.