When it comes to decorating your home, we believe it is you who should have the final word. Every piece of furniture, every artefact, every nook and corner should be reflective of your distinct taste and personality. Very often this is where you need someone to ideate with and give shape to your imagination. This is where you need Home4you. We at Home4U take pride in our ability to customize and create both bespoke individual pieces and collections for your home and you. Simply put, what you imagine ... is what we will create.


Design Hub: Our designs effortlessly cover the classic to the neo-classic, sensual to stylish, edgy to sophisticated, colonial to contemporary, neutral to vibrant, glamour to elegance. So whatever your whim, we promise to catch your fancy. Versatility: Our product range can be modified and tweaked to your specifications and made to feel at home in every environment, be it a commercial space, a cosy home, a sprawling farmhouse, a modern loft or a day room