Your Definitive Gifting Guide For Festive Season 2021

The festive season is well and truly at hand, bringing a swirl of celebration. In our culture, festivities are inextricably associated with the tradition of expressing love and joy through gifts. 

In an endeavor to reinterpret a key element of this tradition, we’ve put together a shopping guide of gifts, backed by sentiments and tailored with passions to indulge wants over needs.


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There is nothing more valuable for our near and dear ones than the gift of time itself. Watches as a gift not only make a fashionable accessory but also serve as a reminder of the person who gifted them. It’s a great way to let your loved ones know that you care and value them in your life. 

Whether it’s a classic chronograph or an elegant gold watch, each watch has its own character. There is nothing more gratifying than finding a perfect timepiece for your loved ones which they’ll use and love daily. 


Abound assemblage of empty pages waiting to be filled with thoughts and stories has to be one of the most precious, life-changing gifts. 

Portable, multifunctional and thoughtful, journals make a high-impact gift. It’s a reminder for the person using it that their life is beautiful and worth recording, you believe in their ability to create and narrate. 


Imagine turning the pages of your favorite book and breathing in the scent of clean, dry paper mingling with fresh vanilla orchid.

A candle that smells great while it's burning but also has a subtle fragrance when it’s cold, makes an excellent gift. Wax encased in vintage-inspired amber glass, or a sleek leather-covered votive helps rejuvenate and uplift not only your mood but also the ambience of your space. When the candle burns out, don’t forget to reuse the exquisite jars to keep some dry flowers or store your earrings.


Finding something pure and valuable for our loved ones that can be cherished for a long time is our true joy. But your valuable gifts are incomplete without attractive, multi-functional packaging that can stand the test of time.

Investing in enticing decorative packaging is the reflection of your passions and personality. These alluring decorative boxes not just hold a mere piece of an accessory, or delicacies but along with it are remembrance and love that comes with it. Ideal for gifting dry fruits, assorted chocolates, jewelry, or as a décor piece this gift is synonymous with warmth, affection, and love.


Fragrant flowers and beautiful foliage can be a great way to personify your feelings and care, giving the receiver an extraordinary experience! With bouquets now becoming expected and ordinary, a spectacular porcelain vase or planter to plant them in is a sustainably obvious way to elevate your gift.

Flowering or dormant, cascading, or tall, these plants can trigger happy feelings, and thus, they have an immediate effect on the receiver’s mood. The fuss-free existence and emotional connection that potted plants form can help win over anyone they are gifted to. While the plant will give a sense of companionship to the receiver, the vase can be a great decor accessory to their home.



In a world overwhelmed with different gifting products, celebrate your connections and make them strong with time by adding a little bit of creativity and personal touch. A little customization and a handwritten note or a card along with the above-mentioned gifts can turn any gift into a memorable experience and make any occasion extra special!