Brighten Your Home For Diwali

Colorful clothes, the aroma of delectable dishes and sweets, the fragrant, warm oranges and yellows of marigolds and plenty of lights and chatter…

The celebratory spirit of Diwali is upon us and it is the perfect occasion to host friends and family at home, after a long period of staying indoors. Keeping your elevated sense of enthusiasm and lifestyle in check, here are some tips to brighten your abodes with vivid festivity using the simplest of products like votives, candles, candle holders, cushion covers, home fragrances etc. 

 Brighten Your Home for Diwali


Entryways are the first impression of your home and it becomes of utmost importance to set a tone and create an inviting and happy mood for the gala ahead. Embellishing your lawn or patio with statement planters, lush foliage and lights can truly satiate an earthy appeal by highlighting the essence of a warm and natural feel.

Placing Moroccan-style metallic or glass votives in your entryway can engulf your outdoors in a dramatic play of light and shadows cascading through intricate meshwork. 

Lotus-shaped gold urli's filled with water, floating candles, and flowers are sure to garner appreciation for your lively lit vignette. A much better alternative to a string of LEDs, exquisite T- light holders can adorn your walls for a long time and come in handy to create an enthralling tactile visual.



With Diwali comes festivities, get-togethers and parties to host friends and family at home. Whether it’s for a small, intimate dinner with family or a formal soiree that goes into the wee hours of the night, these celebrations make the living room a pivotal space in the house when it comes to decorating.

Decorative objects like wax encased votives, urli's along with floating tea lights, flowers in silver and gold antique finishes featuring intricate motifs create the perfect coherence of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, making an immediate impression on your guests. 

Hanging some lanterns on different levels with big statement planters can create a cozy statement corner for clicking the perfect Diwali pictures for your Instagram.

For a sophisticated and magical ambiance, cluster large, clear or colorful candle holders with classic pillar candles and enjoy the calming flicker of light.



Since food captivates all the senses, it can be used as a visual treat while setting up your alluring tablescapes. The key here is to make the entire setting look vibrant and festive without cluttering. The two themes of going about it are either adding dinner and seveware crafted in copper/brass with immaculate finishes or adorning your Diwali feast with dinnerware crafted in the finest of porcelain. 

Your entire table spread is incomplete without the right set of cutlery and table linen that will speak to your emotions and mesmerize your senses with their technical mastery.

Sticking to a color theme and using bold accents sets the tone for endless conversations while you relish the savory delicacies. You can also enhance the entire setting by including small tea lights, scented candles, and a statement vase bejeweled with freshly cut flowers.



Your pooja room needs special attention as it essentially takes the center stage of all the activity during the festive fervor. To evoke serene bliss and positive vibes, decorate the mandap with some flower petals strewn across and meticulously crafted brass lamps and diyas.

Torans of fragrant flowers, a small area rug crafted with detailed motifs and radiant colors complemented with decorative floor cushions all or some of these elements can be used to beautify the pooja room.

Adding a reed diffuser can engulf your space in the rejuvenating scent of lilies to evoke a sweet delicacy, while the whiff of lavender and cedar can enhance the essence of spiritual vibe.



While you deck up your home in élan you shouldn't miss out on decking up your haven of tranquility i.e. your bedroom in the vivacious spirit of Diwali. Cushion covers are dynamic and transformative when it comes to instantly uplifting the vibe and look of your space. Pair a set of plain and dainty cushion covers with an accent of bold printed and embellished covers.  

Cushion covers filled with LED can create an enchanting focal point in a dimly lit bedroom. 

Scented candles in beautifully crafted glass votives and hurricanes can set the tone for a relaxing night after a hectic day of enjoying the celebratory vibe with your loved ones. 


With a little inspiration and minimal changes, you can engulf your home with a festive edge effortlessly. As the serene winter arrives and we celebrate the beginning of all things new, both in nature and humanity, let us welcome the warmth of Diwali to our abodes and life.