Any festival is incomplete without an appropriately decorated and decked up home that offers a welcoming environment for the guests. The first place that your guests have their eyes on is your living room and hence, we are here with some ideas to let you inculcate that perfect festive vibe with something often overlooked by most of us i.e. the role of cushions. Cushions have a crucial role to play when it comes to setting up a specific decor theme. So, this festive season, if you are planning to keep your decor theme a little traditional, here are a few color themes and options from our exclusive range that will never fail to impress:

1. Leba Orange Cushion

Peppy and quirky, this alluring Leba orange cushion will steal your heart away. It gets the appeal from its subtle gold embroidery and richness from its lustrous fabric. This surely is a must have piece in your festive decor selection.

2.  Florin Coral Cushion 


Give your plain couch or sofa a vibrant touch with this peacock motif florin coral cushion. With an elaborate and colorful design theme, this beautiful piece is here to welcome the festivities along with you.

3.  Edina Orange Cushion

Some glitter and gold to get you going with the festive mood! This Edina bright orange and gold cushion is hemmed by the best of the artisans and designers. Pair a couple of them up with some solids from Home 4 U’s collection to set up an entire theme.

4.  Tiger Print Green Cushion 

If your snowy curtains and plain couches are craving for a playful companion, this colorful tiger print cushion is here to fill in the space. A great combination of subtle blue & green background and vibrant hues spread all over, this one makes for a great piece to instantly transform the routine vibe into a festive one.

Once you’re ready with your selection of traditional and yet so trendy cushions, make sure to blend them well with the other decor pieces for a well-coordinated look. For instance, a plain white vase placed around an ensemble of colorful cushions will effortlessly make them stand out. With Home 4 U, you can shop for vases, mini objects, artificial plants, wall art, mirrors, candles and more at affordable rates and create an overall festive theme the way you want.